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Bee Pollen: Mother Nature's Most Complete Food

Did you know that bee pollen contains more protein than beef, eggs, cheese or any other animal sourced food?! It contains all 20 amino acids, ALL known nutrients, minerals, vitamins and enzymes.
It's a great energy booster, and a natural anti-oxidant.
It increases body's healing power and is well known and proven in treating seasonal allergies, asthma, rheumatism, insomnia.
It is also used as a natural weight control.

Goodness from The Hive: Bee Pollen
North American Sourced
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Canadian Bee pollen 241g glass jar Canadian Bee pollen 500g glass jar Bee Pollen Capsules
Bee Pollen Soap Body Nourish Soap with Bee Pollen Gift Certificate
Our Price: $3.50

Honey Scrub with Honey, Goats Milk and Oats Pure Bee Pollen, 250 g Canada Pure Bee Pollen, 500 g bag
PURE BEE POLLEN, 250 g bag
Our Price: $16.95

PURE BEE POLLEN, 500 g bag
Our Price: $28.95